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Author:  mh2365 [ Fri Sep 28, 2018 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  July 21, 1916

Title Tourney Fights

JBW - (WBC First Round) Samson Dutch Boy Gym (1/1) (18-1-1) (pre) scored a KO7 win over Jin-Hyung Yuh (9/9) (14-4) (pre) to advance to the seminfinals of the WBC JBW title tourney. Dutch Boy Gym dropped Yuh three times before he stayed down

Scorecards: 58-54

JBW - (WBC First Round) Jesper David Jenson (5/4) (19-2) scored a UD12 win over Celes Kobayashi (4/5) (17-3-1) to advance to the semifinals of the WBC JBW title tourney. Kobayashi was down 3 times in 8th round which provided the margin of victory

Scorecards: 115-112/116-111/116-110

Regional Title Fights

SMW - (ABU) Rovilson Manlucu* (16/15) (13-2-1) (pre) scored a SD12 win over Juichi Miyata* (29/33)(17-4) for his first defense of the ABU SMW title. Manlucu* was down in the 9th but won enough rounds to take the fight

Scorecard: 115-113/114-115/115-114

JFW - (NABF) Wilfredo Gomez (UR) (14-0) (pre) scored a KO5 win over Mike Ayala (UR) (11-1) (pre) in a surprisingly lopsided fight. Ayala was down in the first and then for the count in the 5th.

Scorecard: 39-36

Other Fights

MW - Marvin Hagler (22/20) (19-1) TKO4 Chris Pierce* (144/149) (13-5) 30-26

WW - Matt Miller* (UR) (10-0) KO4 Jack Bennett (67/74) (21-33-3) 29-28 (Miller* at pre in this club fight)

Fight Card Notes

- Helena Phillip was the topless RCG for the main event

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Author:  mh2365 [ Wed Oct 10, 2018 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  July 21, 1916

World Title Fight

SMW - (WBA) Joe Calzaghe (CH) (20-1) (pre) scored a KO7 win over Vincenzo Impartu (13/16) (14-4-1) (pre) for his third defense of the WBA SMW title. Boring fight until it was over quickly

Scorecards: 59-55

Regional Title Fights

SW - (ABU) Fahsang Pongsawang (3/2) (18-1) (pre) scored a shocking KO5 win over Myung-Sup Park (5/12) (17-3-1) to win the ABU SW title. Pongsawang controlled it from the opening bell and dropped Park twice in the 5th.

Scorecard: 40-37

WW - (CBC) Kirkland Laing (UR) (10-1) (pre) scored a UD12 win over Sonny Barnes* (3/5) (15-1) (pre) to win the CBC WW title. Barnes* was down in the 7th and never really in the fight

Scorecard: 116-111/116-111/116-111

BW - (MBF) Alfonso Zamora (2/2) (18-1) (pre) scored a TKO5 win over Ernesto Aguilar (55/62) (13-6-2) (pre) for his fifth defense of the MBF BW title. Aguilar was down twice in the 4th and cut badly in the 5th

Scorecard: 39-35

Other Fights

WW - Young Peter Jackson (31/27) (39-13-2) TKO8 Tom Lester (108/114) (10-10-2) 69-64

SW - Isaac Bustos (UR) (10-0) KO1 Allan Llanita (UR) (7-4-2) NS (both at pre in this club fight)

Fight Card Notes

- Christine Smith is the topless RCG for the main event
- Pongsawang goes to prime
- Zamora and Aguilar both go to prime
- Jackson goes to post

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Author:  mh2365 [ Thu Oct 11, 2018 5:39 pm ]
Post subject:  July 22, 1916

World Title Fight



Regional Title Fights

HW - (CBU)


WW - (OBF)


BW - (ABA)


Other Fights


LHW - Matthew Saad Muhammad (5/) (17-0) TKO10 Jackie Clark (21/) (32-6-1) 87-84 (Muhammad was pre for this fight)

Fight Card Notes

- Muhammad goes to prime (right in time for a title tourney!)

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