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PPV disappointing... 
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Post PPV disappointing...
hi guys, last night jusst before going to the bed, i was playing tbcb, it was time of the first ppv of 2008 year, when the 4 ordinary champions (wba, wbc, ibf, wbo) and the WORLD CHAMPION!! defend the titles!!

the wbc, ibf and wbo was vacant!! because, he former champ lose a non title fight and the wbc former champ was the next challenger of the WORLD Champion!

so it was a good ppv at the paper because, the best 6 fighter that doesnt have a belt, will have the opportunity to chase another belt , and the world title fight, the former WBC champ was a former 10 times belt holder, but without a World title on his shoulder!!

so the first fight was for the Vacant WBO title

A former WORLD champ!! Allen Stewart from USA and a record of 35-8-1 (17ko), also former WBC champ, he was ready for winning a new belt for his colection, he was facing Carl Blakey, the underdog, and the guy who beat the former ibf/wbo unified champ Hector Garmas in a huge upset of my virtual world of boxing, thats why those titles was vacant, so he have a record of 32-14-2 (7ko) no belts, no World titles, so he was ready for this opportunity!!


boring.. hugs.. it was lookinbg a boring John Ruiz fight.... damn, i was so dissapoint... so after 12 boring, and long killing rounds, the ref Toby Gibson stop the fight and DQ Carl Blakey because he was leaning on the neck too much... so Allen you won a boring wbo belt

but, its ok, i have 4 more fights to see, maybe not the best way to start a ppv...

everything was ready to see the current WBA champ Raymond Butler, the Australian sensation, former WORLD Champ!! also former WBA, IBF and WBO champ and a record of 42-17-1 (17ko) maybe not impresive, but he is a loved guy on Australia, because he is the only guy from that country who won the World Title Belt... he was facing the #6 on the rankings from England Ben Lobb he already fight but lose, a opportunity for the World title, so he was ready for a title shot again!! he had a record of 32-10-2 (7ko) lets go to the action...

ok i said, GO FOR THE ACTION!!........ i mean TROW A PUNCH PLEASE!!! WITH YOUR FIST!! DAMN IT!! NO WITH THE HEAD............ ohhh cool, blood, yeah the ****ing face of Butler have blood from both eyes, and both cuts, was ACCIDENTAL??? CMON REF!!!........what, the doctor want to stop the fight?? WICH FIGHT???....ohhh lets go to the scorecard..........

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT??? HOW LOBB WON?? he conect less than 30 punches................damn...........this sucks......i can not belive it..... one dq, one steal from the doc and judges.......

ok ok, i will need to calm down... i have the wbc title fight and the ibf fight...
and of course the big gold WORLD TITLE FIGHT!!

and YES!! its time to see my little brother go for his first title belt, he is a ****ing mess, he got to the ranking, just by a lucky win..... he have a record of 31-12-0 (16ko), yeah i know he sucks!! but well, have the good luck to be ranked 5 and have 3 vacant titles... so it was his turn!! he was facing a former 2x times WBO champ Alex Reed from USA he had a record of 38-9-4 (17ko), lets see how the fight is going...

DANM BRO YOU SUCK!! he didnt trian well for this fight and he is kicking your ASS....... wow a complete 1 side fight........Alex Reed is winning complete and easy this fight!!, wow, he also scream with pain jeje he lucks funny holding his hand!! wow he stop hitting my little brother luis carlos, to talk with the doctor, what a great guy!!........................WHAT HE HAVE HIS HAND BROKEN??? where, when... HOW?? my brother use his elbow?? jajajaja this is the most inteligent thing he did ON HIS LIFE!! WHATTTTTTTT HE IS THE WINNER BY TKO???????? TBCB COMMISION YOU MUST BE KIDDING WITH ME????? YOU LUIS BRO!! WHY ARE YOU CELEBRATING!! YOU MUST RETURN THAT BELT!! YOU DUMB ASS!!!.........

damn poor people from the crow, if i was paid for this **** pvv i would burn out all the place.....

lets go to see the IBF title fight....

ok its Cliff Richardson from USA and a record of 23-13-2 (15ko) he was wba champ, last year of my game, he lost some oportunities to gain gold again but he could do it he face a former WORLD Champ Otis Price from Congo and a record 34-8-2 (13ko), Otis have the record of most defenses as a World champ with 7 defense, and he already had IBF, WBO and WBA tile belts, he was also the Most Value Fighter title at 2007 yeahhhhhhhhhhh he rules this place!! i love this Congo fighter!!

the fight start and WAIT I SEE THIS KIND OF FIGHT!! ON THE FIRST ONE!! CMON!! a lot of fouls, holds, headbutts... a disaster Otis was ahead on the scorecard, but WHAT another headbutt?? maybe they thing that they can hurt more with their head better than their gloves?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CMON!! WHY on the 6th round HE WAS DQ!! DAMN!! WHY!! only because he use his head i dont know 4, 5 times?? Cliff used 3 or 4 times too?? but nooooooo lets dq the African guy....**** YOU REF!! so Cliff new IBF Champ....

PLEASEEEEE PLEASEEE give a FIGHT i will glad with a normal one.. jabs..hooks. combinations............

well its time to the main event, maybe the half of the audice already kill themselves for watching this crappy ppv!!

its time for the young and impresive Rusian WORLD CHAMP!! Fredek Palubov he won a MD 15 against Buttler for the world title!! he is a former WBC Champ!! he can kick your ass on seconds!! he also TKO Otis on his first title defense and he is ready for his second one!! :O WOW he is the best right now, and he is YOUNG!! he have a record of 25-5-0 (14ko) but his opponent its not other that the OLD WOLF and former 1x WBA, 5x WBC, 2x IBF, 3x WBO CHAMP!! 11 ****ING TITLES!! also 2006 MVF!! the only belt that he is missing its the WORLD!! when he was you he receive his shot but he lose it!! so now, almost at the end of his carrer he have his opportunity again!! i aslo forgot to tell you that he have 46-14-1 (12ko) he is a old and finest boxer!!

lets go to the action........yes Kent its its have the control of the action with his jab!!, he is moving very good on the ring!! wow mr Kent have hte control of the action of the fight :O, can someone please tell Palubov that the fight just start??


1...2...3...4...5...yessss he is standing up..................**** ASS 6.....7......8......9.......10.................... .............ko and second defense of the WORLD champ!!

i will kill the promoter for this ****!! HOW MUCH DID HE PAID YOU KENT!! YOU SOLD OUT!!

well after writing this i feel very good jejejej

so heres the quiestion.......somebody of you had a suck ppv????

thanks for watching this crappy ppv..........


Thu Mar 26, 2009 12:17 pm
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