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Westview Football 
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Post Westview Freshmen 2008
We had 90 kids come out for the Frosh team this year and have only lost 4 after a week of conditioning and 2 weeks of practice. This past week was the first in full pads and really the beginning of the process of "filtering" the depth chart, as well as any final position moves. We have our traditional program scrimmage/barbeque tomorrow which will determine our initial depth chart as we prepare for our first opponent on September 3rd.

I coordinate the Offense and coach Quarterbacks and Linebackers as well. Our D-coordinator coaches the line on both sides of the ball, we also have a coach that handles the RB's, DB's and coordinates special teams, as well as a coach that handles receivers and helps me with the Linebackers and on special teams too. With a little background in place, let's look at the positions. Though we have nearly 90 kids, I will just go over the top three as they stand now at each position (this is always subject to change as we encourage competition and you need to work to hold your job) Also, as starting jobs have not yet been won for most positions, the order I list the players has no bearing at this point. We have a lot of talent again this year and in most cases I am comfortable with any of the three listed at a position seeing the field at this time.

Louis G
Jacob S
Zach R

A solid group that can all play if needed. Louis is the best athlete and also has the best mechanics, but Jacob may have the offense down better at this point, and can certainly move the team. Zach is a mix of both and very solid, just slightly behind the top two. The scrimmage tomorrow will go a long way in determining who starts, though all three could see action in the opener if things go well. I really want to get a look at all 3 in "battle" if you will and then define roles more from there.

Shayne M
Tywon S
Guillermo N

Perfect Wing-T tailbacks here and all three have picked up the offense well. Shayne and Guillermo have blazing speed, but distinctly different styles. Shayne has superb agility and loses barely any speed on his cuts. Guillermo is more of a slasher and runs a bit high for my liking right now, but has great acceleration and turns it on when he finds the seam. Tywon has both qualities and though not quite as fast as the other two, still has plenty of speed and solid instincts. Shayne is the most complete, but we lose very little with the other two and all three can take it house at any time. I have the enviable dilemma here of having three solid options. We also have a couple of others who are better than average below these guys.

Jamal D
Dylan U
Jesus G

There are actually 4 kids here who are serviceable, which is important as we rely heavily on this position in our offense. As those familiar with the Wing-T know the Fullback is a weapon, not just a blocker. Jamal is a manchild in the making, speed, power, but very raw. In our program kids learn a position on both sides of the ball, but I will limit most of his reps to offense to develop him faster. Dylan and Jesus are both hard runners with above average speed and are seasoned players. They are probably the two best inside linebackers as well at the moment, so reps here will be limited. We do play kids on both sides of the ball when needed, but with almost 90 players out we have more than enough talent to avoid starting anyone both ways.

Jamal K
James O
Chuks A

Another spot where we really have 4 solid kids, but the 4th will likely play Free safety before getting meaningful reps here. This is a hybrid of the TB and FB positions. You need to be a solid blocker to make our strong side sweep effective as well as being able to chip in 5-8 carries a game to keep the defense honest to the weakside. All three guys can get the down block for us and are capable of running the ball, though they have all had some issues grasping the theory of the Wing-T sweep, which is a cutback sweep and not a beat everyone to the sideline type of play that they seem to think it is. This job is wide open between the top 4 right now, but I am more than confident that whoever emerges will give us exactly what we need from this position.

Offensive Line
Quick Tackle - Ryan F, Daniel A, Chris P
Quick Guard - Joseph O, Jonathon A, Matthew F
Center - Fredrick F, Josiah B, Quinten C
Strong Guard - Mario R, David D, Dayne G
Strong Tackle - Damien C, Cody R, Andrew C
Tight End - Jesse M, Antonio A, Malik T

I spend all of indivdual and group time with the skill kids and pretty much leave the O-Line Coach alone here in setting the depth chart initially. He has been with us the entire time at this school and does a great job with the line. I really only focus here during team offensive periods and will give him feedback based on things I see there. We have 30 linemen on this squad so it is tough to get maximum reps everyday and because of that we are a little behind where we usually are....but that is a GOOD thing in this case as it will give lots of kids a chance to develop. Right now my biggest here concern is with getting the guards quicker on their pulls, which is mostly because they are still thinking too much. We have some athletic kids at guard and they will be fine once it becomes instinctive. Thinking and not reacting costs you 1-2 steps on the football field and that is the difference between a big play and a 3 yard loss in a lot of cases, so as we pare the line down, the kids identified as being able to get into the game rotation will get most of the reps. (We rotate when talent permits to keep our linemen fresh)

Some kids that stand out here. Damien C is as intense as any kid I have seen on the frosh level and he will do a wonderful job crushing opposing D-linemen on the downblock this year. Jessie M is dinged up right now, but has amazing hands and moves real well for a bigger kid. We like to throw to the TE and he will be a load to bring down in space. Ryan is probably our most athletic down lineman and is a sharp kid as well and Mario is looking to be the closest to getting completely comfortable at guard. He pulls well, we just need to adjust his blocking paths a bit.

Split Ends
Robert M
Joseph M
Joseph K
Giovanni B
DeAndre S
Anthony R
D Jones

Sorry to all you fans of the spread offense, but we do not air it out. For a split end with us, a good year is 6-10 catches. That said we have some kids here we can throw to and a couple of legit deep threats, most notably DeAndre and Anthony. DeAndre came out late, but has speed and exceptional hands and once he catches up to the others will be good. Anthony was one of only 8 freshmen players invited to our out of state camp in July and broke his wrist there. He should be back for game 2 and will contribute immediately. The others on this list are solid possession receivers who can all help when called upon, which will be usually to block a CB or S, but we will still throw them a bone here and there.

I will post a preview of the Defense tomorrow before I leave for our program scrimmage. Our part in the scrimmage will be as follows. Our current 3's and 4's on Offense and Defense go against each other for 10 plays. Then our 2's do the same. Then our #1 Offense goes against the #2 JV Defense for 10 plays and finally the #1 JV Offense goes against our #1 Defense for 10 plays. As you can see with only 60 plays, it will be tough to get all 80+ eligible kids in, but we will do our best. We always scrimmage the JV's with our best kids (at this time) and always set the goal of being the first Freshmen team to beat the JV (We never have, but you need a goal) This year, as always will be a tall order as our Frosh went 8-1 last year and will be very formidible, despite a few of the key kids from that team now being up on Varsity. We do have a very talented group and if they stay focused and humble (our jobs as coaches to keep them that way) they could be the best frosh class in the 6 years we have been at this school. Tomorrow will be a good yardstick of where we are.

Sat Aug 23, 2008 4:04 am
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Post Re: Westview Football
Good stuff Lee

Sat Aug 23, 2008 7:03 am
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Post Re: Westview Football
Good luck this season Lee.

Sat Aug 23, 2008 6:34 pm
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Post Re: Westview Football
I will get more into detail tomorrow after I look at the film, but from our scrimmage tonight this group could be special. They really cranked it up playing in the Stadium for the first time and we actually tied the JV team 7-7. My post game talk consisted mostly of telling them how we had not accomplished a thing and that if they want to be succesful they now need to turn up the intensity even higher. I am going to keep the foot on them and keep them humble, nothing spoils potential more than arrogance and they are not going to be allowed to have a shred of that!

Anyway, more detail coming tomorrow.

Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:48 pm
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Post Defensive Preview
Again a lot of talent, led by what can potentially be a very physical linebacking corps and some strong kids up front. Again we play a 4-4/cover 3 base and will be in this Defense over 90% of the time. In goal line situation we will run man and also drop our rover back and play a cover 4 in very long yardage of prevent situations.

Defensive Line
Defensive End - Cody R, Jessie M, Chris P
Defensive Tackle – Adam L, Marcus B, Matt, M
Nose Guard - Raoul H, Bobby C, Damian C
Stud End - Malik T, Justin T, Andrew C

A really big group inside who should control their gaps well against most anyone we face. Raoul in particular is quick off the ball and tough to move for a big man. He doesn’t play any Offense so we can get 35-40 plays a game from him hopefully. Our DE plays in a 7 technique (inside the TE) so he is to be good with is hands and strong to fight across down blocks and maintain the C gap. We feel we have 3 guys capable here. Stud End is our pass rush guy and also has weak side leverage responsibilities. Malik us tall, rangy and gets off of blocks well and we won’t lose much when Justin is in there either.

Sam – Antonio A, Chuks A, Joseph M
Mike – Dylan U, Francisco S, Joseph F
Will – Jesus G, Mario R, Joseph O
Rover – James O, Joshua K, Marcus R

We have done some moving around here after pads came on, but the two inside guys (Dylan and Jesus) have looked solid from the beginning. Both are big agile kids and will give us the physical presence we need inside. Right now they both need to get a little more reactive on their keys, but we open up with a team that runs mostly I, and their keys against this Offense are much easier than the Wing-T keys we had to work for our scrimmage. Antonio looks fairly entrenched at the outside, but Chuks can hit and will push him once he gets caught up (he came out a week late). Rover is up in the air and I am waiting for one of the top three to show me some physicality. James has it, he is struggling to trust his keys and playing slow because of it. Joshua and Marcus are both good with technique and will get early reps until someone separates themselves from the pack.

Field Corner – Tywon S, Guillermo N, Jamal K
Boundary Corner – Robert M, Shayne M, Andrew J
Free Safety – Jacob S, John V, Anthony R

Tywon is a great cover guy and will line up to the TE side, which means he will need to be physical if there is not a flanker to his side. Guillermo is not afraid to stick it in there, but is not as good in coverage as Tywon, while Jamal K is an enigma. He plays twice as physical on the offensive side as he does on D and I am hoping it is just a comfort thing right now. The boundary corners will be our lockdown guys and all can cover well. In addition, Shayne is a tremendous hitter, but will not see the field much on D as right now he looks like a lock at #1 TB. Essentially this job is wide open for either Robert or Andrew to claim. Anthony is our best FS, but is out with a broken wrist. His cast comes off Friday, so he may be ready for game two, but will have to work his way back into the starting job. In the meantime both Jacob and John are fine and Louis G (Our leading QB candidate right now can play there as well.

Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:02 am
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Post Saturdays Scrimmage
We have a lot to tweak, mainly guards getting guicker in their pulls and our Centers going the right way on sweep and Bootleg pass. Also we could have done better with blocking downfield, but we work that more after we get the point of attack blocking a bit cleaner than it is now.

The scrimmage was set up so our Offense and Defense both had 30 plays. The first set of 10 was our #3/4 Offense vs our #3/4 Defense. Then 10 plays with our #2 Offense and Defense against each other. Then our #1 Offense for 10 plays against the JV #2 Defense and our #1 Defense against the JV #1 Offense (they subbed in 2's here and there as well)

All Offensive series start from the 40 and go back if you don't get a first down in 4 plays. Also any turnovers bring it back to the 40 as well. I won't use our terminiology in the breakdown (since it wouldn't really mean anything) but instead just give the generic description of the play.

First Set #3 Frosh O vs #3 Frosh D
1-Weakside Belly: 11 yds (QT and QG made a nice hole, as good as we ran it all night)
2-Buck Sweep Strong: -2 yds (Missed down block on DT and QB never got handoff away)
3-Bootleg Pass Strong: Sack -4 yds (Center went backside instead of playside)
4-Buck Sweep Weak: 14 yds (TB gave us a great edge and guards got upfield well)
5-Strongside Belly: 7 yds (Got the 1st down, this play needs work, it was all FB)
6-Buck Sweep Strong: 14 yds TD (TB could have been more patient, but result was good)
7-Bootleg Pass Weak: 9 yds (QB stumbled and kept the ball, good choice on his behalf as it was covered)
8-Trap Weak: 8 yds (Again mostly our FB, this is tight against our D alignment, but we got decent gains all night)
9-Buck Sweep Strong: 18 yds (Good patience by TB this time, set blocks nicely)
10-Trap Strong: 5 yds (missed a second TD by inches, looked fairly good)

Series Stats: Rushing: 10 - 80 yds 1 TD. Passing: 0 - 0 (1 Sack, 1 Scramble)

Second Set #2 Frosh O vs #2 Frosh D

1-Trap Strong: 7 yds (We double teamed the trap man = bad, but free NG just missed the tackle)
2-Buck Sweep Strong: 9 yds (Point of attack a bit congested, nice cutback by our TB)
3-Buck Sweep Weak: 8 yds (Again looked very good, defensed well, blocked better)
4-Buck Sweep Strong: 2 yds (WB missed his block on the Sam and backside guard tripped, not pretty)
5-Belly Waggle Pass: 8 yds (Great fake by QB, took what the coverage gave him)
6-Bootleg pass Strong: Incomplete (FB wide open for TD but dropped ball)
7-Strongside Belly: 6 yds TD (QB came too deep and FB not wide enough, but he runs hard, carried 3 into the endzone)
8-Weakside Belly: 8 yds (Again looked pretty good, our TB's all block well, which is huge for this play)
9-Trap Weak: 14 yards: (Not pretty, but the hole was enough and our FB moved the pile again)
10-Bootleg Pass Weak: 12 yds (real nice job on this play, best of the series, we end up on the 6 yard line)

Another pretty solid series as the skill level jumps up a bit

Series Stats: Rushing: 7 - 62 yds 1 TD. Passing: 2 - 3 20 yds

Third Set #1 Frosh O vs #2 JV D

1-Belly Waggle Pass: 11 yds (Fake could have better, but blocked well and our TB made 2 defenders miss)
2-Buck Sweep Strong: -3 (Center missed front side A gap, this worries me a bit as all 3 centers are having some trouble here. It will be fixed ASAP)
3-Buck Sweep Weak: 14 yds (This is usually just a keep the Defense honest play for me, but as well as it is working tonight I will run it a lot more in game one)
4-Bootleg Pass Strong: Incomplete (Executed fairly well, our FB dropped the ball)
5-Weakside Belly: 18yds TD (Blocked very well up front and our FB ran over a DB to take it home)
6-Buck Sweep Strong: 5 yds (WB missed his block, SG did good job picking up the leakage, but the CB was free to make the tackle)
7-Weakside Belly: 6 yds (This one got clogged up, FB bounced outside and did what he could)
8-Bootleg Pass Weak: Incomplete (Routes and protection were good, just good coverage by the Defense who knocked the pass down)
9-Buck Sweep Weak: 6 yds (Nice job by the WB to pick his way through a tight hole)
10-Strongside Belly: 2 yds (Hole was there inside, FB got inpatient and tired to stretch it)

Series Stats: Rushing: 7 - 48 yds 1 TD. Passing: 1 - 3 11 yds

Overall scrimmage Stats: Rushing: 24 - 190 yds 3 TDs. Passing 3 - 6 31 yds.

If this was a game I would definitely take it. I am very happy and after we fix the few issues we have, this group will definitely be potent offensively if we take care of the ball....This leads to most important stat of the scrimmage, zero turnovers!!! The kids really played hard and out Defense held the JV's to a single TD as well for the 7-7 tie, as mentioned before something never accomplished by a freshmen class before.

We gave up a TD pass on the JV's first play on a blown coverage, but hung in there getting a sack, a fumble recovery and a tackle for loss. They also had 3-4 fairly good runs, but we bent and did not break. The most impressive part of our Defensive series though was that our kids ran to the ball well and played very physical, never shying away contact against the JV's. This will serve us well as we have have a couple of physical teams on our schedule and I know our kids will get after it now!

Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:04 am
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Post Re: Westview Football
Good stuff Lee ... when is the first game?

Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:19 am
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Post Re: Westview Football
Wednesday the 3rd against Maryvale. Unfortunately we have had 4 mediocre practices since the scrimmage, which concerns me. I am going to keep the game plan real simple. It is hot and we have a lot of kids and that effects the tempo, but I am hoping our last 3 before the game go a bit better.

Fri Aug 29, 2008 6:52 am
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Post The Buttons
As anyone who has ever coached knows, finding the right buttons to push with each group of kids to get them to a high level mentally, is just as important as X and O's. Along that vein, you sometimes need to know when you are pushing certain buttons too much and recognizing when it is you and not the kids that need to do something different.

After our solid showing in the scrimmage, three of the first four practices this week were mediocre at best. We really stressed staying humble and focused after a good showing against the JV and hammering into them that there is still a lot to do. There is nothing wrong with that approach, but I think we were getting too wrapped up in it.

After a poor practice Monday we were a little hard on the kids and stressed that they needed to remain focused to reach their potential, push themselves harder etc, etc. They do have the potential to be one of our best Freshmen classes ever and the initial mistake was probably telling them that. That mistake was probably compounded with repeating the message about focus, effort, potential, in various forms ad nauseum after lackluster practices Tuesday and Wednesday and a better, but still not consistent practice Thursday.

I thought about things a lot Thursday night and realized that we as coaches had gotten too wrapped up in how good this group can be and as a consequence had gotten feeling pressure they should not be feeling. We have bonded well with these kids, they still are trying hard and still have a great attitude......Despite all that, there were times they looked slow, confused and on a couple of occasions just plain flat. Sure it is hot (102 - 110 degrees during most of our practice) and there are lots of kids so the reps are not as frequent (Which helps keep tempo up) but those were not sole culprits.

I realized this because our scout teams were flying around just fine, making life miserable at times for our 1's and 2's on offense and occasionally busting a big play on our defense. We can put some pretty talented kids on scout due to our depth and that is part of it, but more than that our scout kids were just playing Football and having fun. They weren't feeling pressure to be precise, we merely lined them up in our first opponents schemes and turned them loose. I was a little upset with myself that after 20+ years of doing this, I hadn't realized sooner that we had needlessly burdened the kids with too many expectations. More than the heat, scout teams and boredom that sets in after 3 weeks of hitting each other, it was we as coaches that were making the kids slow and sloppy at times because they wre thinking too much and trying too hard to live up to expectations they should never have been aware of.

Over the years I have rarely talked about winning and records and all the end result stuff. I have always been heavy on effort, passion and love of the game. If you have talent, teach good technique and implement sound schemes the results take care of themselves. Why the hell would we change a good formula that has always worked well for us just because we have a special feeling about this group? Because sometimes as coaches we are stupid!

Today I talked to the kids before practice and told them to forget all about 9-0, about how good they could be and about potential. I explained Football is simple. You play with a fire, you run, block, tackle and most of all have fun. The only game that matters is the next one and when that game comes all that matters is that you play with paasion and leave it all on field.....for nobody but yourselves and your teammates. After meetings, instead of letting the kids walk to the field as they got ready in small clusters, we made them wait and took the field 2 by 2 as a team, the same way we do on game day.

Once practice started we were upbeat, energetic and made it a point to keep the kids loose. Big shocker that we had our best practice in over a week!! The line was quick off the ball, the backs decisive and the defense aggressive. Our scout team still busted their butts, but their big plays were few and far between as we consistently moved the ball well and were lights out on defense, especially during our goaline period.

The difference after practice was noticeable as well. Kids wanted to go more, they were more excited than they had been all week and all of them left the field with smiles.....the heat, pain and exhaustion suddenly didn't seem to matter at all.

We gave them the week end off and will have one full pads practice Monday, a light contact walkthrough Tuesday and then it is game time. I finally have complete confidence we will be ready to get after it and the Kids feel it too and it showed in their body language.

Sometimes the buttons you don't push make all the difference. I can't wait for Wednesday!

Sat Aug 30, 2008 12:31 am
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Post Re: Westview Football
Good stuff Lee ... I've coached basketball before and you are right it is a fine balance

Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:37 am
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